Tin nghia is the exclusive distributor of Sport Master in Vietnam VI

Athletic Field Construction

Currently there are two ways to construct the road running surface:
1. Traditional surface is poured by concrete and painted by dedicated paint.
2. Modern surface is poured by concrete resin, suitable for the climate in VN, helping athletes reduce injuries thanks to rubber particles. Court using duration is longer, less preserved because of the natural feature of rubber: will be stretch ed when hot and shrunk when cold and good water resistance ...

We design Athletic Field for asphalt running road, asphalt surface is handled properly. 

Our courtyard is containing small rubber particles, increasing the flexibility of the coating and the overall anti-shock ability of the surface. The formula for our running run is not only beautiful but also against the process of oxidation, chemical roughness and the penetration of moisture.

The following images illustrate the construction steps:

Athletic fields structure:

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